Activities: at present we are agreeing the timeline of the activities programme with our funders and it will be issued over the next few months.


Our stage 3 report document contains several types of activity, including:

Appointment of Project Officer.
Involvement of primary and secondary schools and UHI through visits to the site.
Investigating history and family history of the site and estates and families connected with the site.
Organising demonstrations such as quicklime reacting with water,traditional masonry techniques.
Demonstration of the art and craft of a stonemason.
Running open days.
Archaeological tours and church tours.
Organising training days including lime mortaring courses, building maintenance workshop, research information from other churches, mausolea and projects including best advice on kirkyard management and looking after the building fabric.
Developing project work engagement with UHI Archaeology degree students.
Work parties outwith periods of construction activity for ivy and scrub clearance and tidying of site.

If interested, you are very welcome to attend future KMT meetings. Email address is on the home page.