The Kirkmichael Trust was established in April 2002 as a formal Trust, although it has been operating as a Steering Group since 2000. There are currently 20 members, although considerably more attend events such as the recent successful guided tours of local interest such as old Cullicudden graveyard, Braelangwell House, Jemimaville, Poyntzfield House, Gordons Mill, and the Kirk itself. The Trust is a properly constituted, voluntary group operating on an open membership policy. The Trust has been established for the benefit of the people of the Black Isle and Highlands generally. Members are drawn from the Black Isle and surrounding region. Meetings and events take place in Resolis Memorial Hall, other local venues and on the site itself.

Contact can be made by email to or Facebook at www.facebook/kirkmichael and our direct email is here.

The main objectives were to acquire, repair and maintain the historic, scheduled Kirkmichael Church and associated Mausoleums and to seek appropriate management of the Graveyard. We are getting there! In 2016 we acquired the buildings at Kirkmichael on a 25 year lease from The Highland Council. The funding package and consents for repairing the buildings and establishing a permanent display of ornate gravestones were finalised in June 2016 prior to work starting on site. A Project Development Manager was appointed to work from February 2016 for a year on delivering the project's Activities Programme.

The Trust seeks to address:

The Trust will assess the success of the project by:

Examples of Kirkmichael Trust work can be seen in these pictures of work parties

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